Introduction to Stuck in Stage Alerts

Learn the basics of creating and configuring

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Stuck in Stage alerts helps teams stay on top of stagnating deals by automatically notifying managers about any deals that are stuck in a rep's pipeline and opening up a group message with that rep for discussion.

Setting up Stuck in Stage Alerts

Begin by navigating to the Stuck in Stage configuration page:

1. Enter the number of days that a stage needs to be in to be considered "stuck" 

2. Choose the Stages that you want to be notified about 

Tip: If different Stages have different number of days until "stuck", you can create multiple Stuck in Stage alerts

In the Post to Slack section, first select the reps whose stuck deals you'd like to be notified about

Tip: Each rep needs their own Troops account to receive this alert and display as an option. Use the "Team" tab to invite your team

4. Then, select the person (usually, a manager) who will be part of a newly formed Group Direct Message notifying the group when the deal becomes stuck

5. When a deal or deals become stuck, select the day and time schedule to be notified

Tip: We recommend one day a week to start. Troops will group together all deals that are stuck and allow you to cycle through them

6. Customize the Content displayed on the alert, with options from fields on the Opportunity.

Any of these fields can be modified in Slack when the alert fires (e.g, you can change the Stage of a deal to Closed Lost by selecting the "Edit Field" button)

7. Save the alert to enable it


That's it! Your well on your way to improved pipeline velocity, understanding and better keeping your team accountable to their deals 👏

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