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Using Troops with Marketing Automation
Using Troops with Marketing Automation

Hubspot, Marketo and Pardot users can greatly enhance the ROI of their Marketing Automation and Salesforce integration with Troops

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Because most modern marketing automation software integrates directly with Salesforce, you can route key signals from that software into Slack with Troops. As long as it writes to field(s) in Salesforce, you can incorporate it into a Troops workflow.

Here's how to set one up:

Create a new Alert on a Lead or Contact

There are 4 sections to complete- Conditions, Recipients, Message, and Action Buttons.


When should this alert fire? Build the logic sentence that, when true for a record, will cause the alert to display in Slack.

Any fields from your Marketing Automation integration should be selectable here. For this example, we want to be notified any time the Last Interesting Moment has changed on a particular Lead.


When the trigger conditions are met, where should this Alert be sent?

Slack channels, both public and private (invite the Troops bot to a private channel to see it appear).

Individual Slack users.

Salesforce user Lookups. *Recommended*
Troops can match the Lead or Contact Owner in Salesforce with their Slack account, for example, and send an Alert directly to them.


Message is where you can completely customize the Alert content. Display the Salesforce information related to the Marketing signal you're sending.

Actions (learn more here)

Add actions to your message to let your reps take next best action quickly and directly in Slack. For this workflow, we recommend giving them the ability to call, email, and update the Lead.

You're all set! Once you Save the Alert, it will "go live".

For some of our other most popular and effective Alert use cases, check out our Workflow Library!

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