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Introduction to Reports - Setup
Introduction to Reports - Setup

Learn how to bring your Salesforce reports into Slack

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With Troops, you can bring your existing Salesforce reports into Slack. 

Schedule them to automatically run in channels or send to individuals, and/or pull them up in any channel on command using /troops-report.

To set up a Report:

There are 3 main setup steps - choosing the Report, Scheduling, and where to Post to Slack.


Use this drop-down to select the existing Salesforce report you want to use in Slack.


  • The only reports you have access to in Troops are those you have access to in Salesforce

  • Depending on the number of reports you have access to, the list may take a few seconds to load


Reports can be sent out in Slack automatically based on the schedule of your choosing. 

The time you choose is based on your set time zone preference.

If you choose NOT to schedule your report by selecting the 'x' next to the Date/Time selector, you can still access the report by using

/troops-report (then hit enter)

in any channel. This will let you pull up any report "ad-hoc" (you can still do this if you've scheduled the report too).

Post to Slack

If you've chosen to schedule the report, you need to choose where in Slack this report will be sent.

Before Saving the Report...

  • You do have a couple options for customizing your report when it comes through via Troops: you can move columns around or prevent ones from showing when it pulls through

You're all set! Once you Save the Report, it will "go live". 

A few notes on report management:

  • If a report is filtered for "My Opportunities" in Salesforce, for example- and you schedule to send to another individual- it still runs "your Opportunities". They would need to set up the report in their dashboard to see theirs

  • If you rename your report in Salesforce, you will have to delete and re-set up your Troops Report to reflect the new name in Slack

  • If you add a column to your report in Salesforce, you will have to "toggle the column on" in your report settings in Troops in order to see it in Slack

  • Any sorting, filter or report structure changes (e.g., changing report from Tabular to Summary) in Salesforce will automatically be updated in Troops

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