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Intro to Actions - Creation and Management
Intro to Actions - Creation and Management

Actions let you update Salesforce, link to other services, create emails and calls from Slack

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Troops Action Buttons let you take a variety of "next steps" from a workflow. They are created and managed from a workflow.

There are 5 different types of Actions:

  1. Update Salesforce Fields - Use buttons to write back to Salesforce and update fields on the Object of the workflow

  2. Create Salesforce Object - Create related "child" objects to your workflow (e.g., a new Opportunity on an Account workflow)

  3. Send an Email - use a template to send an email to contact fields (set your default email client)

  4. Make a Call - Use phone number Salesforce fields to open your default call application (set your default dialer)

  5. Launch a URL - use a button to open a URL of your choosing

Note: There is also a section for default Template Buttons. Use these to quickly add an action to your workflow.

To create an Action Button...

  1. Open an existing workflow or create a new one

  2. On the left-hand side of the builder, click "+ Action Button (optional)"

  3. Select the Action Button type you want to create

Once finished, make sure to Save the workflow to create the Button.

Managing Action Buttons

To edit an existing Action Button, access the Action Button settings from a Workflow that contains that Action. 

You can see which of your workflows have which Actions from the Workflows page.

Note: Editing an existing button will affect the button across all the workflows it is attached to. There is a banner on top of the page that warns you about this and also lets you know which workflows would be affected.

If you wish to remove an Action Button from a workflow, just select the "x" next to the Action Button. It will still be accessible using the Action Button popup the next time you wish to add an Action and remain on any other workflows.

To delete an Action Button entirely, including removing it from any other workflows, Delete Action.

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