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Why isn't my signal firing?
Why isn't my signal firing?

Common reasons and solutions when a signal does not go off as expected

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Troops Created or Updated Signals should be expected to fire generally within a couple of minutes of the conditions being met. 

Here are the top 5 reasons a signal may not have fired:

1. You've just created the signal (data is syncing)

  • When a signal is first created, there may be a period of ~10 minutes (depending on instance size) where Troops is syncing the necessary data to trigger the alerts. During this time, signal firing may be inconsistent.

2. You change field values back and forth quickly

  • Troops takes "snapshot" every ~2 minutes to determine if a given record should cause a signal firing. If you move field values back and forth and back again too quickly, Troops may miss the changes and think there has been no change.

3. Your Salesforce instance is out of API calls

  • Troops utilizes Salesforce API calls to run our service. If you get close to your max 24-hour rolling call limit (within 5% of max), Troops may shut down until more calls are freed. You can check calls being used in Salesforce by going to Setup, then Company Information.

4. You've selected the wrong field in a condition

  • Make sure you are using the proper fields in your conditions. Troops surfaces both hidden from layout & visible fields, so make sure your selection is not a defunct, not used field with a similar name as an actively used one.

5. Thinking OR instead of AND

  • Each separate line item in Conditions is either an AND (by default) or OR statement (if toggled). Note: You cannot comma-delineate formula fields (e.g, Region equals West, East, North)

Troops Signal Diagnostics Reports

Occasionally, Troops signals can stop firing as a result of changes in other systems. Troops offers a diagnostic report that flags any signals that may have stopped firing. Reasons can range range from deleted channels in Slack, or fields getting deleted from your source system.

To download a diagnostic report:

  • Navigate to your sources page

  • Click on the icon below

  • You can then open a .csv that highlights errors with any of your existing signals

Not one of the above? Reach out and we'll be happy to look into it further.

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