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Setting up Meeting Workflow
Setting up Meeting Workflow

How to configure and synch with Google Calendar

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Troops makes it easy to log your meeting notes & update your pipeline in Salesforce by surfacing external meetings on your calendar in Slack.

Here's how to get started:

1. Start with Meeting Workflow Template

Select the Recipients to be included on this workflow

Tip: The list of recipients are those with Troops accounts. Invite more teammates from the "Team" page.

If there are certain companies or contacts that you will never log notes for, include them in the Filter

  • By default your Troops account email domain is excluded, so internal meetings are not included

  • You can filter domains ("") and specific email address

4. Schedule
when Troops will prompt you to enter meeting notes

Tip: Set your time zone on your "Account Settings" page.

Log a Call: Configure how you and your team will log meeting notes in Slack

  • This configuration will apply to everyone on your team

  • "Editable Fields" are those that someone will enter or fill out when logging the call in Slack:

Tip: Pre-selecting a value here will populate that selection as the default when logging a call

6. Add Actions. Click '+Action Button' to add buttons that let you then update your opportunities, account, contacts, send emails, create follow-up tasks, launch URLs etc. along with logging the meeting notes.

These Action Buttons will display along with the workflow, but you must first use the drop-down box to Search Salesforce and find the Record you want to log the Action to.

7. If you haven't yet integrated your Google Calendar with Troops, do so in Account Settings

  • Otherwise, all recipients will be prompted to do so when they receive the workflow in Slack, then subsequently every day

BONUS TIP: Combine this with Sharing Call Notes in a channel for full team transparency on activity.

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