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Adding your self-made GIFs to Troops
Adding your self-made GIFs to Troops

Learn how to upload your own GIF to Giphy and add it to your Custom Team GIFs in Troops

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Step 1

Click here and create a Giphy account

Step 2

Upload your GIF to Giphy here. Make you set your GIF to Public: ON! This will allow Troops to find your GIF, but will not make it searchable in the main GIPHY search.

If you need to convert your file to GIF format, try this handy tool.

Step 3

Once you’ve uploaded your GIF, copy its Giphy ID. This is a string of characters at the end of your GIF’s URL.

For example, if my GIF’s URL is, its Giphy ID is “l0IyjwiOGmbSvqaMo”

Step 4

Click “Add GIFs” on this page, then paste in your Giphy ID and click “Search"

Step 5

Select your GIF, add Recipients, and save it!

Note: Troops will select a custom GIF based on who Last Modified a record.

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