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Customizing GIFs on your Workflows
Customizing GIFs on your Workflows

Create your own library of GIFs to make your celebrations unique

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With Troops, you can add GIFs to your workflows to make them stand out. Previously, your only option was a curated, standard set of GIFs provided by Troops. Now, you can create your own set for your team and even assign specific ones to team members.

Here’s how to make Troops GIFs your own:

Step 1

  • Get Started: Go to your Troops Team GIF page 

  • Have Some Fun: Click ‘Add GIFs,’ then search Giphy to find GIFs that make you do this 😂 or add your personal celebratory dance 💃🏽

Step 2

  • Add Recipients (Individual): ‘Individual Troops Users’ - add GIFs specific to a user. For example, if Sid is obsessed with Kanye, add a ‘Kanye Doing Things’ GIF for Sid. 

  • Note: In order to be assigned GIFs, the individual needs their own Troops account (invite them here)

  • Tip: You can assign multiple GIFs to an individual person by repeating this process for each new GIF. These will be randomly rotated for that individual. 

  • Add Recipients (Team): ‘All Troops Users’ - for anyone not assigned individual GIFs, these are the GIFs that will appear on your workflows. 

Note: Creating an ‘Individual’ GIF will override anything in the Team GIF library. And creating a curated Team GIF library overrides the existing Troops GIFs library. 

Step 3

  • Hit Save: You’ve now started your own GIF collection!

Step 4

  • Ready to Use: Now when you add a GIF to a workflow, your customized GIF collection will be used

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