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Intro to Tags - Creation and Management
Intro to Tags - Creation and Management

Organize your workflows with tags so that you can easily filter and search through workflows.

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With the new Tags release, you can categorize, organize, and filter your workflows easily. Now, you can create your own tags for your team, identify admins, or rules of engagement for your workflows on the Troops dashboard.  

Step 1

  • Get Started: Go to your Troops Workflows page. Click ‘Add Tag’ (located under the workflow name)

  • Type & Create Tag: Type in the name of your tag and click create tag, you can add multiple tags so that you can pick and choose from them later. 

Suggested Tags

  • Team Names: Sales-Leads, Sales-AEs, Customer Success, Marketing, Support, C-Level, etc. 

  • Admin Name: Admin: [Insert Name]

  • Workflow Access (Read-Write) Instructions: Read-Only / Admin-Only or Do Not Edit, Add New Joiners (mark workflows where you need to remember to add a new team member to the workflows) 

Step 2

  • Assign Tags: Quickly add tags to relevant workflows; use “Add Tag” and the + sign to add more than 1 tag to the workflow. 

1st Tag:


Subsequent Tabs: 

  • Remove / Un-assign Tags: if you accidentally added the wrong tag to a workflow, quickly remove tags by pressing the X next to the tag name.

Step 3

  • Filter Workflows Easily: Located on the top right corner of the workflows page, you can select tags to easily filter and search workflows. 

Manage Tags 

  • Edit / Delete Tags: Click Manage Tags in the Tag dropdown or under Filter, and edit the name of a tag or remove any unused tags

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