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Administering Troops
What is Troops?
What to know before getting started
What to know before getting started

Answers to common setup, compatibility, pricing, and security questions

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Setup and Integrations 

What do I need to do to to get started?

Enter your email to sign up, then two-click connect your Salesforce and Slack accounts. That's it!

What types of Salesforce accounts can connect to Troops?

To use Troops you need Salesforce API access, which requires either an Enterprise account or a Professional + API account.

How can I check to see what type of Salesforce account I have?

A quick way to check is navigating to your Home tab in Salesforce and looking at the name in your browser tab (e.g. “ - Professional Edition”). Hovering will show you the whole title if need be.

Alternatively, head to Setup (next to your name on the right side of the main header). Once there, click Administer at the top of the left sidebar. The header of the next page will say your edition (e.g. “Enterprise Edition” or “Professional Edition”).

Is Salesforce the only CRM I can use with Troops?

Right now, yes. If you use a different CRM, let us know which one and we’ll notify you when we’ve built an integration for that CRM!

How many of my API calls will Troops use?

When you first sign up with Troops, we initially utilize a number of calls to sync your Salesforce data. This creates a baseline, so we can recognize if you close an opportunity that has been updated in that time frame, for example. After that, we use minimal calls for daily upkeep.

What does the Troops’ Google integration do?

Gmail allows us to append contact history to your Salesforce record and Calendar which will allow us to inform a variety of triggers (note: we do not read the contents of your email). Stay tuned for exciting features here!

If I add Troops Bot to Slack, will it affect all my users immediately? 

After signup, Troops Bot will teach you how to use Troops in a direct message, but this is not visible to anyone else. Each user represents their own unique account.


How do you use my data and keep it safe?

We take data privacy very seriously. You can check out our privacy policy at, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Connecting your user data

We use all the industry best practices to be PCI-compliant and protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

We use OAuth v2 for retrieving and storing access to the third party integrations and will never store your username/password. This is an industry standard for accessing 3rd party information securely.

It also provides an ability for you, the client, to disconnect Troops from your integrations on demand at any time. The tokens are used to retrieve and relay information to the user.

Storing your user data

For most of our features, we hit the Salesforce API directly without storing any data. This means none of your data is stored on our servers.

However, there are some features (e.g., Gong) that do require us to store data in order to have a "history state" to detect change and allow the feature to function properly. We store the minimum amount required for those to work if they are turned on.

We use industry-standard Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our database service provider.

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