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User Administration

Does everyone on my team need a Troops account for it to work?

While alerts and certain reports can be sent to a public channel and therefore visible to anyone in that channel, we recommend everyone on your team set up a Troops account. Only individuals with Troops accounts can:

  • Search Salesforce using Slack

  • Set up, schedule, and pull their Salesforce reports into Slack

  • Get @ mentioned on alerts they trigger

Great! So how can I add more users to Troops?

Anyone can just sign up at troops.ai, or you can send us the names and emails and we can initiate the signup process (which will trigger a welcome email)!

Feature: Reports

I’m trying to set up a report in Troops but the dashboard isn’t showing me any/all of my reports?

Right now we only support tabular, summary and matrix reports. If you feel like you are having a separate issue, please contact us.

Feature: Gongs

Why can’t I see the field I want to use when filtering a Gong?

Currently, Troops supports filters on numeric fields, pick-lists, Record Type, and Opportunity Owner. Others are currently unsupported. If you feel like you are having a separate issue, contact us.

Help! The Slack channel I want to set up isn’t in the dropdown.

  1. Go to the Slack channel where you want this feature.

  2. Type /invite @troops and press enter

  3. Press the refresh icon next to the drop down

Why isn’t my updated or new field reflecting in Troops?

To reduce the number of API calls we use, we update any new fields every 15 minutes, so you may just have to wait a few minutes until the next synch. If you've added a new field and it is not showing after that time, it may be because it is hidden from API application. This visibility can be changed in Settings. If you feel like you are having a separate issue, contact us.

Feature: Slash Commands

How do I use Troops Bot to search Salesforce in Slack?

If you want to search Salesforce, simply type "/troops" followed by your search query

How do I use Troops Bot to access a Salesforce Report in Slack?

Type "/troops-report" followed by the name of the report you designated in order to pull up the specific report you’d like to view.

If you don’t specify a name, you’ll get a list of your active reports and you can use /troops-pick followed by the number of the report you’d like to see. Finally, you can schedule your reports to be delivered automatically if you’d like; just click here.

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