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Add Columns to your "Summary" Tab
Add Columns to your "Summary" Tab

Get more info out of your Summary Reports in Slack

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Ever want to add columns to the Summary section of your Troops report? With a few simple steps in Salesforce, you can display any summary information you'd like.

Step 1. In Salesforce, access the report you'd like to edit and select Customize

Step 2. In the Formulas folder on the left-hand-side, drag "Add Formula" into your report

Step 3. Create a formula for the summary column you'd like to see.
In this case, I have added the sum value of any given rep's Opportunities.

Click OK and you should see the new column created for the group in your report builder.

Step 4. Save the report and re-pull using Troops in Slack. The "Summary" section will show the newly added columns!

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