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How is Troops Different from the Slack, Salesforce Integration?
How is Troops Different from the Slack, Salesforce Integration?
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Some of you might have heard…there’s a slack & Salesforce integration.

In fact, we know this since many of you have written in “hey, how is Troops different than this?”

For the most part, the functionalities are completely different and complementary.


  • Real-time triggers, and actionable alerts

  • SFDC Reports in Slack

  • Customizable Search & Edit experience


  • Post to chatter

  • Link unfurling

  • Search records in Slack

Today the only overlap is the search experience which lets you proactively pull Salesforce data into Slack using a /command.

The main differences are that Troops lets you completely customize your search and edit that result directly from Slack.

Salesforce search integration:

Troops search integration:

Using Troops, you can define the objects that you want to allow your team to query (including custom objects) and then within each object, the standard fields or custom fields that you want to appear. From there you can edit the fields in Slack and those revisions are immediately pushed to Salesforce. 

Other additional benefits of Troops' search include:

  • No limitation on number of search results

  • Integration of email history on contact records (using Gmail integration)

  • Enhanced cross-linked object displays

If centralizing your sales workflow with alerts, reports, and a tailored search & edit experience is interesting to you I encourage you to create a free account today!

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