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Inviting the Troops Bot to Microsoft Teams
Inviting the Troops Bot to Microsoft Teams
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Inviting Troops to a Team

  1. Log in to Microsoft Teams

  2. Navigate to the App store

  3. Search for Troops

  4. Click on the arrow on the right side of your screen and click “Add to team"

  5. Search for the Team you’d like to add the Troops bot to. The Troops bot can be added to both public and private Teams. The Troops bot cannot be invited to private channels, as Microsoft does not allow bots in private channels. We recommend setting up private Teams with public channels.

6. Once added, you will receive a direct message from Troops in your Chat navigation. Please note this direct message will only appear when adding the Troops bot to a team and not to a channel.

7. Click “Continue Setup” and you will be redirected to the RCP signal builder

8. If you’ve not yet added Microsoft Teams as a “Destination” within Troops, navigate to Settings> Destinations> Add Destination. Here, you can connect to Microsoft Teams. If your destination is already connected, you can go ahead and begin creating signals

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