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Relative Change Signals
Relative Change Signals

What are relative change signals? What are some common use cases?

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Relative Change Signals

Now, not only can you change signals when a value changes, but when it changes a certain amount relative to its earlier value. The change threshold can be specified as an absolute quantity or as a percentage.

  • An opportunity value changes by over 10%

  • An accounts seat count increases by over 5 seats

  • A user’s NPS score decreases by over 2 points

In this example, a Signal will fire when an opportunity amount changes by 10%

Where can I use relative change signals?

  • Relative change signals are only available for Real-Time Signals. Scheduled Signals, by nature, don’t support relative change signals.

  • Relative change operators are only available on numeric fields. The three available operators are: has increased by, has decreased by, has changed by.

  • We offer two types of relative changes: Percentage based (e.g. increased by more than 5%, decreased by more than 10%) and Numeric based (e.g. increased by more than 10, decreased by more than 5).



Real-Time Signals

Scheduled Signals

Numeric fields

Non-numeric fields

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