Troops 2.0: FAQs
Frequently asked questions about our new platform
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Why did Troops build a new platform?

While Troops has worked hard to offer a great integration between Salesforce and Slack, our customers have been asking us to expand what we do to other platforms. This has included sales teams looking for real-time info from marketing systems, CS teams yearning to know the status of their customers’ SOW from a project management system, and Support teams wondering if they could receive real-time data from their system as well. The new Troops platform makes this all possible.

How is this new Troops platform different from the one we’re already using?

The new platform has been re-architected to support many of the advancements customers have been asking for. This includes:

  • A number of new integrations have been added including Hubspot, Zendesk, Intercom and Jira.

  • The Microsoft Teams messaging platform is now supported. This can be the only messaging platform, or be used in conjunction with Slack for those customers utilizing both.

  • An unlimited number of instances of the same platform can now be added and supported (e.g. 3 Salesforce instances, 4 Slack workspaces, etc.)

  • Relative Change Signals enabling you to be notified when the value of a field changes relative to its previous value (increased by more than 10, decreased by more than 20, changed by more than 15%)

  • New Analytics

  • Improved User Management

  • An easier and more intuitive user interface

Do I have to pick between the platforms?

No. You can continue using the original Troops platform even as you test out the new one.

Which of our users can use this new platform?

All of your existing Troops users are part of and can use the new platform. You can add all the same users and channels to your Signals in the new platform as you did in the original.

Do I need to setup or reauthenticate Slack or Salesforce again?

No. The Salesforce and Slack integrations you already had in place in the original Troops platform are pre-loaded into the new platform.

What integrations are offered right now? Which do you have planned?

The new platform was architected to allow for the addition of many more integrations. The list below is where we are today, but we have a whole team fully focused on the continual roll-out of new options. If you don’t see the system you’re interested in connecting on the list below, please contact your Troops’ Customer Success Manager and we can discuss with you the possibility of adding it in the near future.

  • Salesforce

  • Hubspot

  • Zendesk

  • Intercom

  • Jira Software

  • Jira Service Management

  • Outreach (in beta)

  • Microsoft Dynamics (in beta)

  • Gainsight (in development)

  • Salesforce Pardot (in development)

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (in development)

What features aren’t supported on this new platform?

While we’ve strived hard to offer all the same functionality as the original Troops platform, there are a few features that haven’t yet been ported over. This includes:

  • Group Direct Messages

  • Report Workflows

Will our existing workflows appear in the new platform? Will Signals I create in this new platform appear in the original Troops platform?

Our team will be migrating your existing workflows into Troops 2.0 over the next few months. We will be reaching out directly ahead of this migration. If you have questions about timeline, please reach out to

What is a Source? A Destination? A Signal?

We’ve revisited our nomenclature and made changes to better represent how our platform works and the natural language our customers use.

  • A Source of Data is a system (Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, etc.) your organization is using to run it’s business, and which holds critical data.

  • A Destination is where we send notifications to inform your team, which for now includes messaging platforms including Slack and Microsoft Teams.

  • Signal is our new name for what was called Workflows in our original platform, and better represent how our customers naturally call the communications Troops’ provides.

Is pricing for the new platform different?

Our pricing model has changed to support all the new integrations, and better accommodate new users and teams being added. Please contact your Troops’ Customer Success Manager with any questions.

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