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Salesforce API Call usage for the Troops Application
Salesforce API Call usage for the Troops Application
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Troops uses a variety of techniques to optimize API call usage. Based on customer usage, we typically see a minimum of 3K API calls per day, an average (mean) of 18K calls per day with standard deviation of 10K calls.

The specific usage depends on the number of Objects in Salesforce that have workflows set up in Troops (i.e. Account, Opportunity, etc) and specifically the total number of entries across all these tracked objects (i.e. rows in Account, Opportunity etc). Additionally, because Troops monitors objects for potential changes, based on the “Last Modified” time stamp, other tools making updates to Salesforce could trigger Troops to use additional API calls. Usage of product - how often workflows fire, number of actions taken, type of workflow, advanced features, like cross object filters incur additional API calls as well.

Estimated Usage By Customer Size

Large Enterprise

  • > 10,000,000 Salesforce Records Visible to Troops

  • > 1,000,000 Record Changes / Day

  • 40,000 Salesforce API Calls / Day


  • 2,000,000 to 10,000,000 Salesforce Records Visible to Troops

  • 200,000 to 1,000,000 Records Changes / Day

  • 10,000 Salesforce API Calls / Day

Mid Market

  • 500,000 to 2,000,000 Salesforce Records Visible to Troops

  • 50,000 to 200,000 Record Changes / Day

  • 6,000 Salesforce API Calls / Day


  • 0 to 500,000 Salesforce Records Visible to Troops

  • 0 to 50,000 Record Changes / Day

  • 3,000 Salesforce API Calls / Day

Troops system with API call usage

Schema Sync

Troops system needs to download information about the Salesforce schema - what are the fields available on different objects and data types of these fields. This is both important for internal operation of the system and for Troops users to select fields in Troops when creating a workflow.

Troops checks for Schema changes every 15 minutes (96 / day). Checking for updates requires 1 Salesforce API call and each updated object (Account, Opportunity, etc) requires 1 Salesforce API call regardless of the number of field updates in that object. The average Troops customer uses less than 1,000 API calls for Schema Sync (per 24-hour period).

Data Sync

In order to send alerts when changes are made in Salesforce, Troops syncs the initial values of existing records and any changes as they occur. Troops checks for updates on an ongoing basis - approximately 480 times per day. Troops uses approximately 4 Salesforce API calls per 1,000 updated records that are covered by Troops Workflows. If 1,000,000 records covered by Troops Workflows are changed in a day - which would be 95th percentile of Troops Customers - the Data Sync will use 40,000 Salesforce API calls.

Sending Workflows

2 API calls per workflow triggered

Production Usage

  • Actions: 1 API call every time an action form is submitted

  • Search: 1 API call per for each operations (search, view record, action)

  • Reports: 1 API call

  • Date-Based Alerts: 1 API call every time you page (navigate) between a group of alerts

  • Deal Rooms: Sync of Chatter data IDs - 1 API call

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