What are Troops Approvals?

An approval process automates how records are approved in Salesforce. An approval process specifies each step of approval, including from whom to request approval and what to do at each point of the process.

Why Troops Approvals?

Your company already lives in Slack and is familiar with the quicker pace of work and real-time alerts that Slack enables. Troops will automate your Salesforce Approval Processes in Slack so that your team can get the information they need to make informed decisions in lightning speed, and never let one slip through the cracks. Troops Approvals can support all Salesforce objects that can be submitted for approval.

How does it work?

  • Approvals Configuration view for Slack-specific customizations

    • This interface allows users to customize Approval notifications for Slack without needing to modify these in Salesforce

  • Support for Unanimous, First Response and Manual Approvals

    • Approval Processes can be Unanimous (requiring all approvers on a step to take action); First Response (requiring 1 of x number of approvers to take action) or Manual (where an approver takes action and manually assigns the next approver in the queue). These are all supported in Troops Approvals today.

  • Approver notifications and Submitter notifications

    • When a Submitter hits “Submit for Approval” in Salesforce, the Approver on the first step of the Approver process gets a Slack notification letting them know to take action. This is an approver notification:

    • Once the Approver hits Approve/Reject), the Submitter gets a Slack notification letting them know that their request has been actioned on and next steps.

  • Approval/Rejection Comments

    • As an Approver is taking action on a request, she can add an Approval or Rejection comment to add context around her decision:

  • Approval Notifications sent via DMs and Channels

    • Notifications can be sent via DMs to Approvers OR in the form of DMs and Messages to a channel. These messages serve as a ticker for approval processes, but approvers can only action on them in DMs

  • View Approval History button

    • This gives approvers and submitters the ability to generate a list of previous actions taken on the approval, giving approvers the necessary context to making an informed and effective decision

  • /troops-approvals Command (ongoing, pending and completed approvals) for submitters and approvers

    • This slash command gives Approvers and Submitters the ability to call their personal Approval dashboard listing all Ongoing, Pending and Completed approvals.

    • Users who have submitted objects for approval and are also Approvers can toggle between dashboards and take action from this view.

    • Submitters can also Nudge or Remind Approvers to take action on items in their queue if they are overdue

  • Nudge the Approver Button

    • Submitters are able to Nudge or Remind Approvers to take action on items in their queue if they are overdue from /troops-approvals dashboard

    • Once the Nudge button is hit, the Approver(s) listed on the current step will get the following notification:

  • To take action (hit Approve/Reject) on a submission in Slack, Approvers require active salesforce licenses.

  • Approvals work with CPQ effectively and zquotes.

  • Troops supports all approval objects that Salesforce supports.

  • Troops allows users configuring fields on an approval process to add reference objects. Child objects are currently not supported and those fields cannot be added to an approval process.

  • Troops Approvals have multi-currency support.

  • Troops Approval works with Salesforce Lightning and Classic.

  • Currently, we do not support delegated approvals.

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