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How to enable single sign-on for Troops

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If you want more control over security, you can work with your IT Team to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for Troops. SSO allows users to log into Troops using the same credentials they use to log into your corporate intranet, identity management solution, or other trusted platform—instead of using a password they set on Troops.

If you are ready to start using SSO, please reach out to your dedicated Troops CSM or support@troops.ai to kick off the process. From there, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Navigate to Okta

  • Click Admin to go to the Developer Console

  • Switch from the Developer Console to the Classic UI

  • Click Applications

  • Click Add Application and then Create New Application

  • Choose Platform: Web & Sign on Method: SAML 2.0 and click Create

  • Name the application, add an image and continue

  • On the Feedback page choose “I’m an Okta customer” and click Finish

  • Get the SAML Setup instructions and securely send them to Troops
    Troops needs:
    Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL
    Identity Provider Issuer
    X.509 Certificate

By default, SSO will be enabled for everyone who logs into Troops using an email address that matches their Okta email address.

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