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Setting Time Zones
Setting Time Zones

Ensure user's receive scheduled signals at the right time

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When you set a scheduled signal to be delivered directly to users at a certain time, say 9:00am, we deliver it to each user based on their time zone. One user may receive it at 9:00am Eastern (UTC -5:00), another at 9:00am Central (UTC -6:00), and another at 9:00am Pacific (UTC -8:00). We run each report at the moment we send it to each user, so the data is always fresh.

Setting User Time Zones

Your Troops organization has a default time zone. When you add a new user to your organization, they'll automatically inherit this time zone as their own.

You can adjust your organizations time zone on the general settings page:

When necessary, users can change their own time zone on their profile page:

Delivery to Channels

When setting up a scheduled signal, there's an option labeled:
Signal Timezone (used for channel recipients)

This option default to your organization's time zone, but can be changed for each signal. This setting determines the time zone for delivery to any included channels. If you select "Mountain" (UTC -7:00), the signal will be delivered to all channels at 9:00am Mountain time.

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