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Grid and User Authentication
Grid and User Authentication

Ensure your users can access and update data in their Grids

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Grid calls back and forth with your data sources' APIs to both retrieve and update data. In the process of doing this, it must supply a users' credentials. This authentication ensures that each user can only access, and update, data which they're authorized to access and update in the data source itself.

Data Sources With User-Authentication

To achieve this, each user must authenticate each of your data sources prior to using them in Grid. We ensure this at two points:

  • A user will only be able to create a new Grid for data sources they're currently authenticated for.

  • A user will only be able to load a Grid for data sources they've currently authenticated for. If the user isn't authenticated for the data source of a Grid they're loading, they'll get an error.

    • This scenario may happen when a user loads a Grid that's been shared to them, or a Grid which they created prior to their authentication expiring.

Users can authenticate against their organization's data sources by visiting their account page, either from the left-hand navigation bar in Troops, or by going directly to

Data Sources Without User-Authentication

Some data sources supported by Troops do not offer user authentication through their APIs. Instead, the API is tied to a single authenticated account. For these systems, Grid will use the organization's Service Account to power Grid. This means:

  • Every Grid user will have access to all data that the Service Account has access to

  • Every user will make data updates through the Service Account. If the data source tracks changes, all these changes will appear to have been made by the Service Account.

Optional User-Authentication

For those data sources that do support user authentication, Troops offers a third option for organizations. We can enable your users to authenticate, but use the Service Account as a back-up for users that haven't. This can be a helpful option in some situations where data partitioning within the organization isn't critical, and where authentication can pose a challenge to a large-scale roll-out.
Note: This option is only available for Standard and Pro customers. For more info on this option, please contact your Troops' customer success manager.

Authentication Support by Data Source

Data Source

User Authentication

Service Account Only









Jira Service


Jira Software










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