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Grid Use Cases and Best Practices
Grid Use Cases and Best Practices

Use Cases, Tips and Best Practices for Sales Teams

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Grid is endlessly customizable to the way your organization structures its CRM. Here are some common use cases and best practices for Sales using Grid.

Note: These setups and conditions are based on standard objects and fields. For your Grid, cross-reference against what you see and use in your Source platform or connect with your admin to ensure that you're selecting what's correct for your needs.

My Opportunities/Pipeline Management

Get visibility across your pipeline, making it easy to review and update as you go.

You'll want to include every field that you typically need to see whenever you update your pipeline in your CRM. Here's a standard setup you may want to start with in your Grid (or find equivalent parameters for within your workflow).

Source: Salesforce

Object: Opportunity


Account, Stage, Forecast Category, Close Date, Amount, Next Step, Notes


Our recommendation is to have at least one condition specifying Owner one specifying Stage, and another specifying date range.

  • Setting yourself as opportunity owner:

"Owner" "is equal to" "[Your Name]"
  • Setting others as owner (when creating a template to share):

"Owner" "equals user"

This Condition structure is best used when creating templates for others, as it will dynamically configure to display only the opportunities assigned to whoever is currently viewing the Grid. Learn more: Sharing Grids

  • Stage parameters to only display open opportunities:

"Owner" "is equal to" "[Your Name]" AND "Stage" "is not one of" "Closed Lost" "Closed Won"
  • Date parameters to only display opportunities closing in a certain time frame:

"Owner" "is equal to" "[Your Name]" AND "Close Date" "Is this" "quarter"

All conditions can be stacked as AND statements. Other common date parameters: Close Date in next 7 Days, in next 30 Days

My Tasks

View and update all of your Tasks at once from Grid.

Salesforce as Source:

Object: Task



Tips and Best Practices

  • Use your Grid to make updates to your records right after your client interactions and calls, saving you from having to do it all the end of the day.

  • Filter Fields by parameters like due date, stage, next steps to get a quick view of the most pressing next steps to take.

  • Use the search function to quickly spotlight an opportunity to review or update.

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