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Setting up User Groups for Signals
Setting up User Groups for Signals
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User Groups are a fast and easy way to organize users into groups within Troops to send them Signals quickly and at scale.

Arrange users within customizable User Groups and dynamically send Signals to their members, making it simple to surface information based on role, team, region and more.

Setting Up User Groups

To access User Groups, open your Settings, and select Groups under your org Settings. Here, you’ll find any user groups that you create or are created anyone in your org with Troops admin credentials. You’ll also be able to add new group users, or delete groups from here.

To create a new group, select Create New Group. Here, you can name your group, and select the users you want to include in your Group. Groups are customizable and a powerful way to group and send specific signals based on your organization needs.

Finally, you’ve selected all of the users you’d like to include in your group, save your group. You can now go into any signal and select the user group you want to send the signals to under Recipients.

Best Practices and Use Cases

Groups are customizable, and can be helpful in endless instances. Here are some potential use cases:

  • Region-based Groups to share when a big deal in the region has moved to closed won

  • Revenue Leadership Groups to ensure everyone has the visibility they need to collaborate efficiently

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