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Grid Object & Field Settings
Grid Object & Field Settings

Giving Admins more control over their organization’s Troops experience

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Grid Admin Settings

Grid Admin give Troops admins the ability to set rules around Grid creation, including default fields, which fields may be accessed through Grids, and the permissions for those fields (such as edit vs. view-only). Admins can also control which objects users can create new records on using Grids. Grid Admin controls help Rev Ops teams maintain control over process and data hygiene while still empowering their users to quickly access and update their key source systems.

With our new object & field controls, we've introduced the following settings:

Object Settings

  • Allow New Records: Users can create new records via Grid

  • Restrict New Records: Users cannot create new records via Grid

  • Unavailable: Not visible to users in Grid

Field Settings

  • Required - All Grids must include these fields

  • Optional: Grids can include these fields, but not required

  • Read-Only: Grids can include these fields, but cannot be edited via Grid

  • Unavailable: Not visible to users in Grid

By default, you can choose any of the available settings. For example, if you choose "Allow New Records" as your default setting, your users will be able to create new records for any of your objects in Grid until otherwise noted.

To change your organizations settings, you will need Admin level permissions in Troops. To navigate to Grid Object & Field Settings:

  • Click Settings

  • Click on "Objects & Fields" beneath the "GRID" header

  • Choose your source system

Once you've selected your source, you will be able to assign a setting to all of your objects and fields:

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