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Get help from our Support Team
Get help from our Support Team
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In certain situations, the Troops support team may need to access your account in order to troubleshoot. This will allow us to see things like how your signals are configured, or replicate the issue you're encountering. Security is a core value here at Troops, so we require that you grant our team permission before we can access your Troops account.

You can grant or revoke account support access at any time within your profile page. Here's how:

  • Log into Troops at

  • Navigate to your profile page by clicking "My Account" within your left navigation bar

  • Click "Give Access" in the top left corner:

Once you've given our team access, a member of the Troops Support/Engineering team will be able to access your Troops account for 7 days. You can revoke access at any time. Please note that if you revoke access, our team will be limited in how we can support you with account issues.

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