If you've received the error below when trying to integrate Troops with Slack, it usually means installs have been limited to the Slack Admin(s). Fortunately, it's easy to request approval!

Step 1 

From your Slack menu, select "Apps & Integrations"

Step 2

Select "Manage" on the top right of the App Store page. Find and select "Troops" in the Apps section of Manage

Step 3 

Click Request under the Troops logo

Step 4

Send a note along with the request. The Admin will get pinged in Slack, along with the ability to Approve the request

Step 5 

You will be notified in Slack of the approval. If you closed out Troops, access your account here and retry your Slack integration

If your admin has questions about Troops, have them check out our Overview Video and FAQ.

They can also reach out to us with any questions!

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