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Fire Troops alert only when deal passed through particular Stage
Fire Troops alert only when deal passed through particular Stage

When you want more powerful filters for your alerts

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If you want a Troops alert to fire only when a deal has passed through a certain stage, there's a little Salesforce magic (read: configuration) to do before I can add that filter to my alert. See below for step-by-step instructions:

Example: I want to fire a Troops alert when a deal moves into Proposal Sent, but only if it had been in Negotiation.

To do so, we will create a new checkbox field on the Opportunity and then add on a workflow rule to automatically check the box when a deal had been in Negotiation.

1. In Salesforce Setup, select to create a New opportunity field

2. Select "Checkbox Field", name your field, complete setup, and save

  • Note: You can hide the newly created field from your Opportunity layout by selecting "Edit Layout" when viewing an Opportunity

3. Next we will create a Workflow Rule. In Setup, select Workflow Rules, and create New Rule

4. For this example, I selected Opportunity Object, then set the rule configuration:

5. On the next step, add "New Field Update" Workflow Action, then configure the Field Update by having your checkbox field set to True when the workflow rules are met:

6. Select "Save", then "Done" - then don't forget to Activate our new workflow!

Now, whenever an Opportunity Stage is Negotiation at any point in the Deal cycle, our checkbox will automatically turn TRUE and remain checked. We will use this field for our Troops filter.

7. Create a new Real-time Opportunity Alert in Troops and Save!

  • Note our trigger logic: Fire the alert when the Opportunity Stage is Proposal Sent and Passed Negotiation? is True (Checked)

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